About Us

Serving Hendersonville, North Carolina, since March of 2015, Renzo’s Ristorante is dedicated to serving fresh, authentic Italian cuisine and to creating the most exquisite fine dining experience in Western North Carolina.

Meet Renzo

“No one opens a restaurant to get rich. You open it up because you have a passion. It can only be because of passion.”

Passion is what drives us to create the finest dining experience for all of our customers. With this in mind, Renzo’s Ristorante is most simply a man’s homage to his beloved grandmother, Angelina, her original recipes, and his cultural roots in the village of Viterbo, Italy. Our founder and owner, Renzo, is compelled by his love of food, his love of service, and his love of Western North Carolina.


What to Expect

The decor at Renzo’s is whimsical and charming, as many of those who dine with us have said, and as such, the atmosphere is too. We like to say we are redefining fine dining. Renzo’s is a come-as-you-are restaurant, whether that means you dress up in your finest attire or you don your most comfortable blue jeans. It’s up to you.

Traditionally, Italian dining experiences are leisurely experiences, with a heavy focus on enjoying the company of friends and relaxing in a setting that feels somewhat detached from the rest of the world. Italian dining is about living in the moment and making that moment last. However, we accommodate to anybody’s needs; if you are in a hurry, please inform your waiter and we will ensure you are served promptly.

Can’t wait to dine with us?

We can’t wait to serve you.

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